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Benefits of Smart Lighting for Home

Over the past decade, we have observed a real revolution in the lighting industry, thanks to the development of advanced technologies. We are talking about home automation allowing home users to find and implement the best strategies for an improved quality of life as well as security and home control.

Smart lighting, one of the essential and most important aspects of home automation, increases the degree of security, simplifies the use and maintenance of electrical devices, and reduces energy costs.

Smart lighting can be controlled using your smartphones, tablets, and even your desktop computers. The intelligent thing about lighting systems is the capacity to make customized changes at the touch of a smartphone app or button from anywhere with an active Internet connection.


The first step is to decide to replace the old incandescent or halogen bulbs with LEDs. LEDs produce less heat, use less energy, and last much longer. The use of LEDs not only saves consumption but allows you to imagine decorations that can be created in different rooms of the house or at different times of the day with hot or cold lights and of varying intensities, according to needs or preferences.

Besides, LED lights can be easily integrated with control panels, human presence sensors, and predefined programs. These systems turn the lights on or off based on the time of day or activity that takes place and provide more security in the home.

Smart Home

Smart lighting is a highly innovative lighting technology designed to increase the energy efficiency of your home. The installation of intelligent lighting systems is the first small step on the way to achieving what we call a “smart home,” a home that meets the specific needs of homeowners, and that reduces daily management of energy components.

Intelligent lighting systems, using sensors, allow you to define the level of lighting in the different rooms of the house or carry out a remote or programmed light control. Intelligent lighting systems have the possibility of switching on and turn off the lights from your phone or tablet and even set the alarm function to wake up gently in the morning.

Elegance to the Home Atmosphere

In addition to achieving comfort and improving energy efficiency at home, smart lighting system adds a touch of elegance to the ambience. In this context, the choice of temperature, color, and brightness are all vital. For example, light influences our mood and our energy levels.

Wireless Lighting

Wireless lighting offers refined style in elegant color configurations – enhancing the beauty of home interiors. The customizable controls allow you to regulate much more than just the light; you can choose to watch a movie or listen to your favorite music, for instance. The presence of motion sensors keeps your hands free while authorizing to switch off the lights automatically.

Central Lighting

Centralized lighting is perfect for those considering the construction of a new house or the renovation of an old building. It will be an excellent opportunity to move the lighting controls elsewhere or replace old switches with stylish, trendy lighting. The customization of the buttons allows you to control the system with a single touch, such as lighting, pleasures, security, temperature management, and more. For example, a Good Night button setup turns off the lights, lock all your doors and activate the alarm, all at the same time.

Smart Kits

There are lighting kits used to adjust the brightness and color of individual bulbs, select colors, and control lights even from Smart TV. There are LED lamps ideal for outdoor use, such as balconies, gardens, and terraces. These lamps are controlled remotely, with the possibility of changing colors, and serve as an intelligent alarm clock placed on the bedside table with progressive alarm function.

TXP Security offers smart lighting solutions with all these benefits – allowing you to easily control your smart lighting by defining the moods in each room and adapt to your needs. You can efficiently manage the natural lights of your home with our smart lighting systems.

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