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What Exactly is Home Automation?

Home automation can be summed up as an interface that enables the intelligent control of your home. Home automation includes various inter-connected devices and installations which aim to improve your domestic comfort by using automated processes. Thanks to innovative technologies, all the smart home functions are networked, remote-controlled, and can be programmed according to your comfort, need and lifestyle.

A simple touch screen or remote control will manage the light, control the shutters, the screens, broadcast your favorite music, choose a film in your personal digital library. Or with a simple touch, turn off the house and put it under protection when you leave it.

Light management is one of the home automation applications. In your living room or your bedroom, a simple press on your smartphone or a wall control allows you to call up a light scenario which will diffuse the predefined light atmosphere. The shutters can open together or separately; the screens can automatically take a defined position according to the intensity of the light. During your absence, the system can intelligently simulate your presence, thus contributing to an active security.

Press another key, and you will be able to adjust your air conditioning, use the intercom function of your wall keyboard to reach a loved one efficiently. Your home automation system is there to allow you to adjust each parameter of your living environment instantly.

Home automation includes:

  • Voice recognition to control the home devices without touching or moving
  • Security systems considering the whole situation from the home entrance to the emergency
  • A user-friendly smart app being controlled by user life pattern
  • Connectivity between device and devices, services and services

What are smart home devices?

Intelligent home or Smart home devices take care of the automatic and remote-controlled running of the various processes in your home. Among them are smart devices like radio thermostats and radio-controlled motion indicators, but also multiple sensors and switches that integrate simple home appliances into your home automation network.

Let us cite as an example the smart plug – as soon as you connect a lamp to your electrical network via a smart plug, you can easily control it by time programming or remote control. At the same time, the radio outlet continuously measures the consumption of the lamp. In this way, you can transform simple household appliances such as a washing machine, coffee machine, or television into smart home devices in just a few gestures.

Benefits of home automation

  • Improved comfort and quality of life
  • Increased home security
  • Efficient use of energy
  • Video surveillance and monitoring
  • Access control
  • Alerts and notification
  • Climate comfort

TXP Security offers intelligent and affordable home automation solutions that allow you to simplify your daily home life easily. You control heating, lighting and electrical appliances simply and intuitively, as well as the security of your home and your energy consumption. You control everything that happens in your living spaces at the touch of a button, by time programming, or through a smartphone application. Thanks to this ecosystem of integrated devices, you will achieve improved security, increased energy performance, and added comfort. Call us today to know more about end to end home automation solutions.

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