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Access Control Solutions for Improved Business Security

access controlLocks and manual keys allow you to secure your premises, but the loss of keys can generate considerable expenses (change of lock or copies of keys). In addition, it is straightforward to copy keys, which adds a significant risk factor. Faced with the severity of sensitive data and the boom in business mobility, implementing advanced identity security and data protection solutions has become a necessity. Choosing access control solutions means protecting your staff, property, and information.

The system controls the access of any person, employee, visitor, or an external collaborator. Also, the system controls each vehicle passing through the threshold of the company to know the situation concerning the people present in the areas.

A complete turnkey access control solution offers:

  • A vast array of electronic access control systems and devices
  • Cards and readers for electronic access control based on advanced technologies
  • Management and administration of access control, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Access control card programs
  • Easy management of permissions granted to employees and visitors
  • Alarm trigger reports
  • Weekly or monthly reports sent by email
  • Scheduled door maintenance
  • Software upgrades and automated backups
  • Installation, maintenance, and support

Besides security and data protection of business premises, there are other benefits of implementing an access control system.

Restricted Access

Access control solutions provides a secure, efficient, simple, flexible, and economical way to determine who has access to your building and when.

All businesses must protect their assets and employees while allowing people to move freely in the areas they need to go. Thanks to the appropriate biometric identification systems, it is possible to secure particular premises where precise detection of the identity for the incoming person is essential.

Customized Access

All doors that are managed by installing access control systems are programmed to lock automatically when they are closed. Anyone without a badge or PIN code will be unable to enter the area.

Access control solutions allows you to manage user access rights with flexibility. For example, all staff can access the site through the main door of a building, while access to private areas may be limited to those with a specific need to enter it. It is also possible to control access to certain hours and only grant access to particular users at certain hours of the day or night.

Centralized and Secure

With the connection to the video surveillance system, access control system offers the possibility of recording each passage thanks to customizable configuration. Thus, at each entry or exit, a camera or a dome will systematically be positioned on the person who badges. So, the business can notice live or in proofreading, any identification faults, or misuse of badge.

Integrated access control systems being supported by centralized surveillance devices (closed-circuit cameras, access control terminals, plate reading systems, etc.), allow the control and management of the various devices and passages.

Simplify the Management

In addition to the simple restriction of access, it is necessary to manage flows in your buildings in real-time in the event of theft, damage, monitoring, and auditing need. The audit trail and tracking allow the business to avoid and deter malicious acts, retrieve past events, create audit reports, and reduce the number of your insurance policies or the costs related to the damage suffered, etc.

TXP Security offers access control solutions that are designed to provide each business with an adapted, secure, and scalable response. Composed of innovative equipment, unique software, personalized applications, and support services, they meet the need for companies to invest sustainably and profitably. Call us at (866) 322-9555 for more details for our security solutions in Dallas, Texas.

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