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Dallas Home Security and Monitoring

Professional Home Security and Remote Monitoring Services in Dallas, Texas

TXP Security provides customized Dallas home security monitoring solutions to protect you from burglaries, break-ins, and everyday security menaces. With our high-quality services, the safety and security of your loved ones, your property, and high-value items are always in the best of hands.

We take into consideration your exact needs and lifestyle so that our team of security specialists can offer tailor-made home security and monitoring solutions.

Round the clock Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring allows you to delegate the security of your home and the protection of the loved ones regardless of whether your system is armed or not. The security of your home is always ensured thanks to the reactivity and the permanent availability of our remote surveillance systems, in every scenario. Come to TXP Security for expert Dallas camera system installation services today!

Protection against multiple triggers

The safety and security of your loved ones is important to us. We react quickly and effectively to the dangers of domestic accidents. Whether it is anti-intrusion detector, SOS button, smoke detector, or panic button – our highly innovative Dallas home security monitoring solutions provide an appropriate response to every trigger that can jeopardize the safety of your loved ones or self. Your security system will continue to work even if your phone or internet is down and out

Top performance

We install cutting-edge home alarm systems in Dallas, that are scalable and designed to cover and protect all the sensitive areas of your home.

Video Monitoring

At TXP Security, our Dallas camera system installation and video monitoring solutions offer on the spot, live video alerts when activity is detected. You can watch live and recorded videos from your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch and act quickly to restore the security of the premises even when you are away.

Remote Control

Our Dallas home security monitoring system with remote monitoring allows you to control what’s happening at home anytime, anywhere. The mobile application gives you access to your security system wherever you are at any time of the day. Take photos and videos whenever you want, follow the comings and goings, configure the house alarm, arm or disarm the system from anywhere, anytime - the mobile app accompanies you everywhere and offers you a multitude of functions that can be performed remotely.

Personalized Your Installation

From making an appointment to installing your alarm, TXP Security customizes each of the steps allowing you to quickly and efficiently secure your home or business. Call us today to find the solution that’s right for you.

What Users Say

“TXP Security people were thorough in their evaluations and transparent with project costing. We are extremely happy with their customer service and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a stress-free experience”

“Nice, helpful professionals who went out of their way to meet our deadline. Very knowledgeable and responsive. The team was patient with us while sharing information so that we could understand all the technical stuff. It truly helped us make an informed decision. Thank you for all the help”

“We needed to install a security alarm and hiring TXP Security was one of the best things we ever did for our home. The product was easy to use and was installed properly. They recommended a range of products so that we can choose a product that was close to our requirements. Great help. great team”