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Smart Home Automation Services in Dallas & surrounding cities

One Touch for Total Control & Security

Fully customized home automation

Easy integration with home security systems

Total control & peace of mind

Significant energy savings

Light | Thermostat | HVAC | Sprinklers | Music |
Motorized windows | Garage door opener | Locks

Call us at (866) 322-9555 to learn more about our home automation services in Dallas.

We offer perfect home automation that’s right for YOU

Smart Home Automation Services in Dallas

TXP Security offers smart home automation solutions with integrated systems & devices that can be controlled from anywhere through your smartphone, tablet and laptop. You can gain complete control of your home security by choosing our economical as well as advanced security plans, that when combined with our intelligent automation solutions, will offer multifold convenience and security for you and your loved ones. Ready to leave your house? Leave with a peace of mind knowing that the electrical home appliances will go to standby, the garage doors or shutters would get close, thermostat will be adjusted and security systems will be armed.

Smart locks control

Smart lighting

Thermostat control

HVAC control

Garage door opener

Motorized windows

Fire alarm




Ready to simplify your life?

Control lights, heating, music & appliances when not home? Want thermostat control? Enjoy the convenience of customized settings when you walk into the door? Our home automation solutions are designed to make your life super easy and super secure with just a touch of a button. You can now integrate your appliances, entertainment devices, motorized blinds, lighting & thermostat with a unified system that can be controlled from anywhere using any device. You can also integrate automated locks, security camera systems and smart doorbells to boost your home security with just a touch of a button. Get the peace of mind that your family & loved ones are always safe & secure.

Convenient & affordable add-on options

Digital control panel

Indoor & outdoor night vision camera

Wireless doorbell

Smart deadbolt locks

Thermostat with Z wave control

Lighting control


Garage door opener

Smoke detectors & fire alarms

Motion detectors

Glass break sensors

Smart Home Features

Remote arm/disarm with mobile app

LTE-Wi-Fi for dual path connectivity

Geo fencing automation

Crash & smash protection

Scalable solutions for add-ons

PowerG technology

Remote door lock & unlock

Yard Sign & Window Decals

Instant text and email notifications

To know more about our home automation services in Dallas, call us at (866) 322-9555. Free Quote & Free Consultation by our experts.

Need More Products?

IQ DW MINI Door Window Sensor

IQ DW MINI Door/Window Sensor

IQ Mini DW S-Line (White)

A compact door window sensor that is easy to install and comes with S-Line encryption that syncs with IQ Panel 2 to prevent replay attacks that can compromise traditional security systems. 

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ADC-V723 Indoor Outdoor Video Camera

ADC-V723 Indoor Outdoor Video Camera

ADC-V723 is a Wi-Fi indoor/outdoor video camera with highly advanced features. The security camera captures high quality images even in poor light conditions, is weather resitant and has many features that makes it an ideal security camera for home and commercial use. The product comes with mounting hardware and installation guide.

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VDB770 Video Doorbell Camera

VDB770 Video Doorbell Camera

Improve the security of the front of your home with the VDB770 video doorbell camera. This product from comes with a range of features that help you monitor your premises with live video and two-way audio while reducing false alerts with sharp, relevant video analytics. 

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Client Testimonial

TXP Security people were thorough in their evaluations and transparent with project costing. We are extremely happy with their customer service and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a stress-free experience


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IP Camera System


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