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Home Video Surveillance System

Benefits of Home Video Surveillance System

Home Video Surveillance SystemA home video surveillance system is a system that uses cameras to monitor what is happening in and around your home. The video may concern public areas, commercial premises, or property of an individual. It can have various purposes but generally aims to thwart damage and invasions into a place. The surveillance can also be used in addition to security or an alarm system.

When you want to ensure the security of goods and people in a house, a home video surveillance system is one of the solutions that are required. A home surveillance camera allows you to keep an eye on what is happening at home or around your home. The objective of video surveillance based on security cameras may vary dependent on the installation location (interior or exterior) and especially the context of surveillance.

Formerly reserved for luxury residences or professional premises, home video surveillance system has become more popular and are now used by more and more individuals concerned about their safety.

Protect and Secure Your Home

A security camera aims above all to ensure the safety of property in the house. The goal is to avert the intrusion of burglars. The camera can be visible for a deterrent purpose or warn the inhabitants in the event of an invasion. The warning system could be an audible alarm, a telephone alert, or via an application in the case of a connected camera. The video monitoring can also be controlled by your security company partner that intervenes in case of an alert.

Protect Your Belongings

It can be a question of controlling the entries and exits in the home by the camera, but also of securing your warehouse of goods, your car garage, garden, etc. Such a surveillance system safeguards both the safety of your family members and the integrity of the equipment. The video surveillance is essential in case of theft or disaster to try to gather evidence, detect suspects, or prove a burglary to an insurance company.

Remotely Monitor Your Home 24/7

The connected cameras alert you as soon as the surveillance camera detects a presence in the house, thanks to a notification on your smartphone. So, you can react quickly, go to the scene, or call the police. By anticipating, you can prevent theft before it is committed or have offenders arrested.

Customize Your Requirements

The user customizes the parameters of the home video surveillance system and receives only useful alerts. For example, it can program the alarm to sound when it is not at home. If the indoor camera sees an unknown face or a movement, or if a specific system detects motion on a door or a window, it can alert the user.

Various pre-recorded sounds such as regular beep or barking can also be triggered by the application to simulate an existence and prevent burglars. Thanks to the facial recognition technology of the video surveillance system, the system detects the presence of the user within the housing and deactivates. Finally, the user can disable the alerts when family members are at home. Thus, he does not receive untimely notifications if your family member opens the windows or doors to ventilate the house.

Provide Peace of Mind

Viewing the images recorded by the video surveillance camera can allow a homeowner to identify fire, vandalism, and other threats. The owner can identify thieves and their operating mode, and to understand what the flaws in the security system of the home are. The images can also prove to your insurer that there was a burglary, and this can be useful in the absence of a break-in.

Put your trust in the TXP Security home video surveillance system and take advantage of the safety kit to make your first steps towards a smart home. TXP Security solution can identify the type of intrusion and distinguish vehicles, animals, and people. This allows you both to not be alarmed for nothing and to react quickly if necessary. You can complete the system with products adapted to your needs.


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