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How to Make Your Home Secure After a Natural Disaster

home secure Mother Nature, although mostly giving, beautiful and mesmerizing, has its own way of showing who’s in control. While we are in control of most of the things that contribute to well-being in our lives, such as how we guard our loved ones against unwanted circumstances, weather-related damage and natural disasters are unfortunately out of our hands.

Natural disasters are an unfortunate event that many might have to face. No one likes this, and too often, those affected by the natural disaster need to spend a considerable amount of money on recovering their property once the calamity is over. Unfortunately, natural calamities cannot be avoided, but the way you handle them can impact how effectively you can secure your home.

Make sure door locks are secure

It can be horrible to miss an unlocked door or window, so it’s essential to take some time to do so, especially after a hurricane or storm. Door locks can deteriorate over time or get spoiled, so it’s a better idea to have a professional help you if you’re not sure. If your lock strike plate is dented, and your door or window is weak, you will not be able to secure your house properly. You can also inspect and grease your hinges. If you notice metal flakes, that could be a sign of future wear or breakage, so make sure to check and correct it. If in doubt, give a call to the local locksmith service. In case you are using access control, make sure to check the code working condition, and change the code if it is not functional.

Check your security systems

If you are using home automation security system or lock that uses a backup battery, it’s a good practice to make sure the battery has the correct charge, as they damage over time. Changing backup batteries based on some standard tests, including the voltage test and battery end dates, is a good practice. You can also easily set up a calendar reminder or notification on your smartphone, so you don’t miss this when the battery expires. Recheck your switch box if you’ve lost power to make sure all your circuits and appliances are receiving power. Also, consider installing a video doorbell for an extra measure of security.

Monitor your other security systems

Consider checking your outdoor surveillance cameras, landscape lighting, and other electrical appliances. You must ensure you have clear lines of sight from access points in your home to avoid any break-in. This may require landscape trimming or modifications if not in the right order. If your home has smart firearms control, make sure they are secured and working correctly. Also, monitor whether your smart lights and smart locks timer is working perfectly or not. Wireless security cameras are also a considerable preventive measure and are becoming more affordable. So, try replacing the cameras which are not in working condition.

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