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IQ Motion Sensor

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Monitoring Services in Dallas, Texas

IQ Motion Sensor

IQ Motion S-Line – Encrypted. Wireless motion sensor with pet immunity

The IQ Motion-S is an S-line encrypted motion sensor that can detect people while ignoring pets upto 40 pounds. This incredibly powerful wireless sensor is equipped with latest S-Line encryption and sends instant notification to Qolsys IQ Panel or any other compatible panel you have.


  • S-Line sensor technology to prevent replay attacks made using “listening devices” 
  • Backward compatible with legacy 319.5 systems
  • Sensor that can detect human motion up to 30 feet 
  • Ignores pets up to 50 pounds to prevent false alarms
  • Can be integrated with home automation rule like turning on lights when you enter a room 
  • Can be mounted on a flat surface or in a corner