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#1 Home Security Systems in Arlington, TX

Arlington is a state in Texas, which is located in Tarrant County. The city houses around 400,000 people, which makes it the second-largest city in the county after Fort Worth and 50th most populous city in the United States. the city has a crime rate that is a little higher than the state's towns and cities of the same sizes. Many homeowners and business-owners prefer TXP Security as their No. 1 choice for Home Security Solutions.

Residential & Commercial Security System Installation

Looking for Security Solutions for your Home Security in Arlington, TX? Call TXP Security at (866) 322-9555 for a Security System Estimate?

  • Improved Security & Access Control
  • Smart Home & Office Automation Solutions
  • Hassle-Free, Intelligent Solutions At Your Fingertips

Get Peace of Mind for Your Arlington, TX Home or Business

It’s easy to take personal comfort and security for granted. And we believe that’s the way it should be! It’s not something you should have to worry about, and we do everything in our power to preserve your peace of mind.  

We’ve designed our security services to meet the needs and budget of every home or a business owner. You can spend less time wondering whether your property is protected and more time enjoying freedom from worry.  

Preserve Your Livelihood with a Home Security System

Gone are the days when home security took the form of bulky, expensive cameras and obnoxiously loud alarms. Today, it’s all about discreet surveillance equipment, silent alarms, and smart technologies that work the way you live. 

Our 24/7 home monitoring service for Arlington, TX residences, is responsive in the event of an incident. Many homeowners are able to mitigate the damage caused by a break-in when they have a team of security experts on their side. 

Complete Home Security Solutions

Get Smart, Scalable Technology Solutions for Your Business

Every business needs some form of security. This could be as simple as an alarm on your front door, or as complex as access controls to certain areas of your facility. No matter the type of work you do or the size of your business, TXP Security is here to help. 

We can customize security solutions based on the nature of your business, your budget, and your most important security concerns. From installing cameras around your perimeter to setting up remote monitoring solutions, let us work with you to explore your options. 

Complete Home Security Solutions

Why Choose TXP Security?

TXP Security is a well-known name in the Arlington, TX community, and we don’t take our reputation lightly. We know that home and business owners trust us because we’ve proven ourselves with responsive service, transparent pricing, and ongoing communication to help you get the most from your security investment.  

We think of ourselves not just as security professionals, but also as consultants that can help you explore your options, compare those options to your needs, and develop real solutions to reach optimal outcomes. That’s the difference you can expect when you work with us, and it’s helped us to earn a solid reputation among Arlington, TX homeowners.

Our Home Security Systems in Arlington

Here’s how we protect people and property with our home security systems:

  • Residential home monitoring
  • Smart home automation
  • Security cameras
  • Remote access control

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Client Testimonial

TXP Security people were thorough in their evaluations and transparent with project costing. We are extremely happy with their customer service and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a stress-free experience