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#1 Home Security Systems in Addison, TX

Total Security Solutions for Your Home in Addison, TX

Looking for Security Solutions for your Home Security in Addison, TX? Call TXP Security at (866) 322-9555 for a Security System Estimate?

  • Improved Security & Access Control
  • Smart Home & Office Automation Solutions
  • Hassle-Free, Intelligent Solutions At Your Fingertips

Total Security Solutions for Your Home

From the windows to the doors, the outside perimeter, and every corner of your home, you deserve nothing but peace of mind. That's the power of a total home security system from us.

Homeowners in your town come to us for various needs, but the result is always the same. We create bespoke home security systems using hand-picked equipment that will provide superior protection no matter where you are. You've got a life to live
― let us take one thing off your to-do list.

#1 Home Security Systems in Addison

Get Complete Security Coverage for your Home

Long gone are the days of poor camera quality and hard-to-remember numerical passcodes. Today’s home security systems are all about smart automation and features that fit your lifestyle.

At TXP Security, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to securing your Addison, TX home. We take your home's unique features into account when recommending solutions and take care that we've left no stone unturned. In addition, we provide 24/7 monitoring and support so that we're always ready to respond to your needs.


Why TXP Security for Home Security Solutions?

TXP Security is a leader in Addison, TX, for turnkey home security systems. When we say turnkey, we mean it — you'll be up and running as soon as our installation team finishes. There's no waiting, no hoops to jump through, and no gaps in the defense.

More important than the products and services we offer is the team of security professionals and visionaries that make them work. We take professionalism very seriously and only hire top-notch security experts to work on your property and recommend solutions that will work for your home. We are continually testing new brands and equipment so that we can continue to deliver best-in-class security to our clients.

Just like you, we live and work in your community, too. We are neighbors helping neighbors gain the peace of mind they deserve. Our reputation means the world to us, and we’re to help you achieve the level of security you desire.

About Our Solutions

Every home security system we design for Addison, TX homeowners is tailored to the home in which it will be installed. Our systems protect people, pets, and property alike, whether you’re at home, out of town, or somewhere in between. Some of our security products and services include:

  • End-to-end home security management
  • Smart home automation features
  • 24/7 home monitoring service
  • Security cameras
  • Alarms for doors and windows
  • Remote access control
  • Professional installation
  • Free home security system estimates

If you have specific questions about our security services, equipment, and pricing plans, please contact our team directly.

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Get Smart Home Security Systems from TXP Security

TXP Security has you covered with smart home security systems that fit your home and lifestyle. Contact our team today to explore your options.

Client Testimonial

TXP Security people were thorough in their evaluations and transparent with project costing. We are extremely happy with their customer service and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a stress-free experience