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Dallas Smart Office Solutions

Smart Office Solutions in Dallas, Texas

TXP Security offers professional and highly secure Dallas smart office automation solutions for small, medium, and large-sized businesses. The right security system for your business helps provide peace of mind for your employees and customers while assisting prevent theft, damage, and business disruption. TXP Security experts are trusted by companies in Dallas and other cities in Texas to secure their facilities, knowing that they will have a system that will work when they need it.

Businesses collaborating with TXP Security have access to the most advanced technologies in the industry and a system that can evolve with them as technology changes.

Intrusion Detection

Our Dallas video surveillance and intrusion detection systems are practical, intelligent, and easy to use, allowing a rapid response to any unauthorized activity and peace of mind regarding the security of your people and assets. Our systems are designed to the highest standards in the industry and suitable for the widest variety of applications, from small businesses to multinationals. Many of our systems can be interactive, and you can use your smartphone for remote control and status.

Video Surveillance

TXP Security design, install and maintains a wide range of security video surveillance systems. Whether it's simple, stand-alone, ready-to-use systems used in small offices, or advanced digital and high definition IP video recorder systems that can meet your needs and requirements, we have the solutions for every need. The range of video systems uses the latest technology to give you precise, high definition images that are quick and easy to retrieve and review.

Integrated Solutions

As a leader in Dallas smart office automation solutions, TXP Security identifies and responds to complex requirements for critical infrastructure and large projects across the public and private sectors. Our global solution includes a unique concept and smart app capabilities, integration, delivery, and accreditation of custom systems for customers with complete security requirements.

Service and Maintenance

Having a consistent maintenance and service agreement for your safety equipment is vital to ensure that your systems will work when you want them most. TXP Security's scope of facility and expertise means that our solutions can service a whole range of anti-intrusion, security cameras and access control systems, detection devices, fire systems, energy management, alerts and notification, and others. Even if you have numerous diverse devices, you only need one quality and expert service provider.

Alert Monitoring and Response

With our Dallas smart office automation solutions and video surveillance systems, we can monitor your safety and security systems 24/7, to trigger rapid and appropriate intervention in the event of an incident. TXP Security has a proven track record in providing the services necessary for the safety of people and property.

Security and Compliance Audit

Our security experts conduct a site security assessment of your building to determine if the security solutions meet your needs and the relevant compliance requirements.

Energy Management

TXP Security energy management saves your money with innovative energy savings options, automation solutions, and tailored made recommendations built on your activity patterns.

Business Insight Reports

Get insight into your activities, daily operations, and customer traffic with commercial business reports. You can get customized reports based on the security system, peak periods, opening and closing of the business, and many more.
TXP Security representative can help you determine the most appropriate smart office solution for your specific needs.

What Users Say

“TXP Security people were thorough in their evaluations and transparent with project costing. We are extremely happy with their customer service and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a stress-free experience”

“Nice, helpful professionals who went out of their way to meet our deadline. Very knowledgeable and responsive. The team was patient with us while sharing information so that we could understand all the technical stuff. It truly helped us make an informed decision. Thank you for all the help”

“We needed to install a security alarm and hiring TXP Security was one of the best things we ever did for our home. The product was easy to use and was installed properly. They recommended a range of products so that we can choose a product that was close to our requirements. Great help. great team”